Business Finance: How to Get from Nightmare to Smooth Sailing

While the rigors of owning and operating a small business can prove to be incredibly rewarding, the work also comes with a significant amount of stress. Fortunately, it can be easy to handle some of these challenges with the help of an experienced accountant. Here are four reasons that explain how hiring the right person to assist you in the daily financial work can help you go from a potential nightmare situation to smooth sailing:

Numbers Tracking and Reporting

It can be tempting to try to save money by utilizing the many accounting software packages on the market today designed to assist small business owners. And while these tools may indeed be useful in tracking spending and revenues, they are not able to give you the full analyzation of the number. A financial analyst can help with the in-depth understanding, helping you to find additional ways to increase revenue and reduce operating costs.

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Meeting Deadlines

As any small business owner understands, there is a litany of IRS deadlines imposed on those that are self-employed. Depending on the scope and structure of the business, there could be multiple deadlines each month. For this reason alone, it is extremely helpful to have somebody with an accounting degree assisting you in meeting these deadlines on time and avoiding costly penalties.

Cash Flow Management

Effective cash flow management can make or break a small business. A mistake in the management of available cash on hand can lead to the downfall of a company that does not have a sizeable financial safety net. A trained accountant can assist small business owners in planning ahead and ensuring that the necessary cash is in place to grow the business and remain profitable.

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Assisting in Audits

Should the IRS request information about your books, it will be easier to navigate the process if you have an accountant on staff. This person will be well-versed in your books and will be able to provide the requested information faster and more effectively than somebody not familiar with auditing practices. Because tax rules are in continual flux, having somebody on hand with an accounting degree will prove to be a smart decision.

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A staff member who is trained to keep your business in compliance with both state and federal regulations can save you invaluable time and keep you free from worry over financial issues.

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