Tired of the 9 to 5 Grind? These 3 Business Venture Ideas Are for You

Many individuals crave the routine and predictability of a 9-5 job, yearning for the ability to work a standard shift, come home and unwind. But that’s not for you. You need a job that demands your time and attention, but which allows you the flexibility to decide your own hours while giving you the chance to explore your passions and make a ton of money. Here are three jobs which give can get you away from the 9-5 job.

Franchise Owner

Franchises are businesses with a ready-made business plan, a national brand and a slew of support options. There’s an endless amount of franchises to pick from; you just have to figure out what franchise will suit you. Starting a franchise can involve a major commitment of time and money, but they are often easier to create than a small business. At the same time, becoming a franchise owner opens the door to create additional franchises and own your own business empire that’s part of a larger organization. However, that support comes at a price: You will not be a true business “owner” and will always have to report to a larger organization.


Creating a blog is as easy as finding a topic, finding a good blog platform and starting to create high quality content. It requires little or no investment of money, a relatively small investment of time and knowledge in a subject you are already passionate about. Blogs can take some time before they start generating money, but eventually, they can earn you solid passive income in terms of advertising, book sales, paid membership and courses.


Dropshipping is a relatively new business model that has become wildly popular. Your job is to sell inventory for a third-party manufacturer or wholesaler. You don’t have to actually store what you sell – all you have to do is sell the product and ship to the customer. There are almost no costs associated with getting started; all you need is an internet connection and a computer.

Regular 9-5 jobs are great for some, but you aren’t that person. You crave the freedom and challenge that comes with an exciting and demanding job, one that will allow you to supplement your income or create a new business empire. The above career paths will give you that option – you just have to find what works for you and take advantage of them.

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