How to Make a Business Move Go Smoothly

How to Make a Business Move Go Smoothly

If your business is growing, you might find yourself needing a bigger business space. However, it can sometimes be complicated. Here are just a few ways that you can simplify moving your business to a new space.

Work Out Legal Matters

Whether moving across town, across state lines, or abroad, your first step is making sure your legal matters are taken care of. Do you need an addendum to your business license, or to tell the city or state that you are moving to a new area? From a financial standpoint, is your bank accessible easily from the new location? If you’re moving abroad, you need to know specific laws for your new jurisdiction. The IRS needs to be advised of your move as well!

Transport Equipment

You should make sure the company takes steps to protect your trucking cargo. It’s your responsibility to make strong choices when it comes to packaging and moving your goods. Not only do your products need insurance in the move, but all of your computers, furniture, and machinery. Make sure that you have insurance that is equivalent to the costs you would incur for replacements if necessary. You need to be able to set up your business in the new location, and without that, you’ve not made a step forward, but a step back.

All The Fun Stuff

As with a home move, it can seem overwhelming to do even the “fun” stuff of creating the new space and making sure things are arranged well. Consider hiring an efficiency expert to help make sure that your workspaces are created with efficiency in mind, using the least amount of steps and healthy movements for both you and your workers. This can save a great deal of time and money in the long run. You’ll need updates to business information online, and promotional materials. If it’s overwhelming, remember it just feels like a lot as you’re organizing it. Make a nice long list, prioritize, and take care of one thing at a time.

Your business might need a larger space, or a smaller one, but regardless of what your needs have become, you are addressing them responsibly. Make sure you move things safely. Take care of each item and remember: only move what you truly need. You can do this!

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