How Every Business No Matter How Small Can Punch Above Their Weight

If you are planning on increasing your business over the next eighteen months, you already know that you need to find ways to increase both your speed and agility. You’ve done the training, and you’ve got the experience. What do you need to be able to really win in the marketplace, against those who might be big contenders?

Build an Extensive Network

Your network can make or break your needs in the marketplace. This includes things like making sure you keep in touch with networking contacts from the past, to keep your name (and needs) present in their minds, and theirs in yours. Remember, your network contacts need to know that you know them personally, and intend to treat them honorably. How to best do this? Genuine friendships with those you respect always become the best network. All people react to genuine kindness and concern.

Use Technology

Small businesses need various IT services, including VOIP solutions, to function best. Voice Over Internet Protocol solutions give you a lot of options as a small business. They make it possible for having multiple calls, conference calls, and the like, all over the internet and with distance workers. It tends to be a lot cheaper than traditional telephone system options, as well. Your phone system suddenly becomes very portable, and even things like answering services become more manageable.


One of the most frustrating parts of business is attempting to get clients to return necessary paperwork. It can often be almost impossible to get paperwork faxed back into the office, especially as few people have fax machines, or even scanners and printers, at home where they are working during the pandemic. Instead, use a service like DocuSign or HelloSign, which uses a digital signature format. Your clients can review contracts or paperwork, sign from their phones, and go about their day. Meanwhile, you can always get your paperwork done quickly and easily, without a bunch of extra run-arounds.

Your small business only needs to be slightly faster and slightly lighter on its feet than any competitors to get further ahead in the marketplace. Embracing technology and being an early adopter of new ideas can help you to do that. Determine which e-signature system would work best for your company, and determine if VOIP would be helpful in your field. Don’t neglect your network, just because you’re working through a pandemic!

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