Miha Matlievski is a Fail Coach. But firstly an Energy Efficiency Expert. Had four successful companies that at one time all went bankrupt. Went from hero to zero and managed to survive. Down the road I became Life Coach Expert, or as I rather say Fail Coach. Not by obtaining official degree, but by going through personal failures and then picking myself up.

Why Life Coach/Fail Coach blog?

I was born in 1978. I know many people who managed to survive life’s lessons, then I know some, who didn’t and then there is me: survived, came back as a professional Energy Efficiency Expert and Life Coach Expert/Fail Coach Expert. Now my mission is to help as many as I can not to do all the mistakes I’ve done and if they are already at the bottom how to pick themselves up as quickly as possible. It took me almost 4 years to bounce back and now I’m stronger then ever.

What can you read about on my Fail Coach blog?

I will cover various topics, which I divided in three categories.  First category is Life Coaching and there you’ll find interesting articles, from Psychology of every day life, which psychological tricks and tips it is useful to use in real life, how can you stop being a martyr and always helping others, how do you make mistakes but no error (because there is a difference).

Second category is Business Failure. Then I am publishing interesting articles about personal success and business success, what are they and what is takes to get or lose them, how to pick yourself up after a business disaster …

In third category you’ll find Real Life Stories. In this category I will mainly cover stories about me, from time in time I will also share other people stories and especially what can we learn from them.

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