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How to Make Your Restaurant Safe for Employees and Customers

Dining out is a fun and relaxing activity for the customers that patronize your restaurant. In addition to good food and an entertaining environment, you should also provide your customers with a great

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Simple Employee Perks That Can Make Your Whole Company Happy

Good businesses take a holistic approach to employment, viewing employee satisfaction as a marker of a healthy company. When employees are happy, they work hard. When employees work hard, the business

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5 Tips to Help You Communicate with Customers Online

Happy customers form the foundation of any successful business. Why, then, do most customers dread calling a customer service number, and why do so many customer service employees dread answering their

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What Makes Top Employees Jump Ship?

In today’s competitive job market, it is more challenging than ever to attract top talent and retain them for the long haul. It is not uncommon for the best employees to always be looking out for

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3 Tricks to Take Your Business’ Cyber Security to the Next Level

Businesses need to consider their level of readiness for a cybersecurity incident. Data assets are moving closer to the network edge, or even to third-party clouds. The advantages of moving data to the

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How to Form a Healthy and Effective Workplace Culture

While professional and personal lives need to be kept apart as much as possible, they can invariably collide. This is because personal relationships are bound to form in a work setting. These aren’t

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