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Dealing with gloomy, rainy days: How to brighten up your mood

There are always bad days for everyone. The sooner I learnt that, the better my life went. People often get the idea, after I talk about how I’ve managed to overcome so many problems, that now nothing

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How life coaching can transform your life

Some people say it’s far better to be alone than in bad company. And I agree, especially since it’s always easier to work on your personal growth when you’re not in a relationship. But sometimes,

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Who am I? Discover Who You Are and What Makes You Happy

For many number of reasons, it’s really important to get to know yourself. To fully acknowledge the things you believe in; to recognize your thoughts and emotions; having clear what you are looking forward

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Learn to Love Yourself and Improve Your Relationships

Oh, yeah. I know about that one. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of work to have a good relationship. Especially with the most important person in your life… that’s you.

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Overconfidence will get you drowned in the sea of reality

Because we can never have enough #LifeLessons, here is another one of my stories about the dangers of extreme self-confidence.

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How to Brainwash Yourself with Positive Thoughts

A lot of negative thoughts go through our mind on a daily basis. Just look at what we are fed in media every day. We are bombarded mostly with negative news. They have such a big influence on our mind,

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