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Don’t let depression get you (or your loved ones) down!

Depression is no joke. You should know that much. The path to overcoming it is not an easy one. But when you get to that day when you wake up and feel like you’re stronger than your depression is the

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Dealing with gloomy, rainy days: How to brighten up your mood

There are always bad days for everyone. The sooner I learnt that, the better my life went. People often get the idea, after I talk about how I’ve managed to overcome so many problems, that now nothing

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How life coaching can transform your life

Some people say it’s far better to be alone than in bad company. And I agree, especially since it’s always easier to work on your personal growth when you’re not in a relationship. But sometimes,

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Stop Worrying About the Future: Nothing is Permanent

One of the things we tend to worry about often is the future and the uncertainty of the things it might bring, which seems normal at first, but when you think about it, do you truly believe it should alter

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How to find your perfect partner in life or in business

In our lives, it’s hugely important to know who to have around and why do we keep those people there. If you want to find out which are the secrets for achieving a meaningful relationship, here I will

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Why your inner monologue is holding you back from success?

You know, I’ve noticed something about how we look at failure. Yes, that horrendous word we fear so much. So, let me tell you why you shouldn’t even call failures, “failures”. Let me introduce

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