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5 Ways on How to Embrace Your Inner Beauty

Got some weight to lose? Don’t worry, if you are tired of having an unhealthy lifestyle and you want to work more on your body, come here and I’ll tell you an important secret. You should really work

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Lessons From the School Reunion, Pt. 2: Confronting the Failure

In my last article Lessons from The School Reunion, Pt. 1: Challenge Yourself I talked about role of failure and success in our lives.

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Lessons From The School Reunion, Pt. 1: Challenge Yourself

Are you one of the people, who is throwing away his live doing meaningless things? Then wake up sleepy head! Start small and build your way up. No, I’m not talking about making money nor building a ...

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Self-motivation: When Life Doesn’t Cooperate

You can’t find dialogue with life. Unpleasant events are happening on daily basis. Things are constantly going beyond your control. In cases like this self-motivation is a way to go. Get to know

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Robots Will Wipe Out The Human Race! Will They?

Will robots wipe out human race? Well firstly take a good look around you. In this day and age, technology and human way of life have somewhat become inseparable. Everywhere we look, we see its manifestations

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Guide to overcoming depression – the deep black hole

Depression is almost always accompanied with failure, let it be business, personal or mix of both. You don’t want to get up from bed, I know. Why would you? You just want to give up and stay here. The

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