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Robots Will Wipe Out The Human Race! Will They?

Will robots wipe out human race? Well firstly take a good look around you. In this day and age, technology and human way of life have somewhat become inseparable. Everywhere we look, we see its manifestations

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Guide to overcoming depression – the deep black hole

Depression is almost always accompanied with failure, let it be business, personal or mix of both. You don’t want to get up from bed, I know. Why would you? You just want to give up and stay here. The

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Ultimate Guide for Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is one of my dearest subjects. If done correctly, it helps you pick up from the failure you encountered and helps you live more happily. When successfully done, you will at

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Firemen story or how to appreciate yourself

Appreciate yourself. Ever wondered why self-esteem and self-worth, including spending quality time only by yourself is so good for you? Well, I’m going to tell you a story. Go grab a nice beverage and

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Forget patience, I Want It All & I Want It Now!

Forget about patience, carrots and sticks, I did something and I want a reward and success right at this moment. The exact “I Want It All & I Want It Now” mindset got me in preety deep

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Being a life coach is all about thinking outside the box

Why having a life coach makes sense? Think about it … Have you ever had one of those problems you can’t solve until someone else comes and gives you their own insight about it and then you realize

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