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How life coaching can transform your life

Some people say it’s far better to be alone than in bad company. And I agree, especially since it’s always easier to work on your personal growth when you’re not in a relationship. But sometimes,

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Overconfidence will get you drowned in the sea of reality

Because we can never have enough #LifeLessons, here is another one of my stories about the dangers of extreme self-confidence.

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Personal mission statement will have a positive influence on your life

Making a personal mission statement enables you to clarify in specific words what you want, what you don’t and where you’re going. Companies use it for having a clear vision of their purpose and what

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Stop Worrying About the Future: Nothing is Permanent

One of the things we tend to worry about often is the future and the uncertainty of the things it might bring, which seems normal at first, but when you think about it, do you truly believe it should alter

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Bouncing back from failed business

Is bouncing back from failed business even possible? How does one bounce back from leaving a good job to start a business, failing miserably at the business, and losing everything in the process? 

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How to overcome procrastination? 

How to overcome procrastination is one of the most common questions in one’s life. In a world that’s constantly encouraging us to be active and productive, postponing work or not being able to

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