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How I lost €16 million in just two weeks and what happened afterwards

Have you ever heard the phrase From Hero to Zero? Well, I lived it. In my conferences, people ask me all the time: “How is it even possible to lose that kind of money in two weeks?!”

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Overconfidence will get you drowned in the sea of reality

Because we can never have enough #LifeLessons, here is another one of my stories about the dangers of extreme self-confidence.

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Why your inner monologue is holding you back from success?

You know, I’ve noticed something about how we look at failure. Yes, that horrendous word we fear so much. So, let me tell you why you shouldn’t even call failures, “failures”. Let me introduce

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Bouncing back from failed business

Is bouncing back from failed business even possible? How does one bounce back from leaving a good job to start a business, failing miserably at the business, and losing everything in the process? 

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