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Work With Me

My life has been very dynamic and generous with experiences. Due to many unwise decisions, I have been given a unique opportunity to learn about failure from inside out and through the last couple of decades, I have become an expert on failure, personal growth, and life after failure.

Failure is a very important part of our life. Without failing, we would not be able to learn and grow. Pain and disappointment that accompanied failure can turn into fear from trying again without proper confrontation. This is where I come into the picture. During my life, I have managed to assemble a great number of useful experience, concerning failure.

I decided to share this precious information with the rest of the world, and contribute to the best of my knowledge. An adequate life coach can help others to look at failure from a completely different point of view. Failure is painful but is also a great opportunity to learn and build a strong foundation for the future. You can learn about failure through books, seminars, YouTube clips, personal coaching, etc.

Every option has something unique to offer, a specific way how the learning is presented and experienced;

Books are more or less, written generally – for masses.

Seminars are already presented on a more personal level, generated for a precise group of people.

Workshops have the tendency to get more intense, and so does the experience of learning.

The most efficient and ultimately personal experiences are of course one-on-one coaching sessions, designed especially for the needs of a certain client.

It can take you years to get through books on your own, while personal lessons with your coach provide you with instant progress in a matter of few months. Coping with failure and learning about potential obstacles/failures can be very useful on your way to success.

Why experience your own downfall when you can learn from others? It will be less painful and less expensive than learning from your personal mistakes. There are many hard situations on our journey of life. Allow me to offer you my assistance and help you release some of that burden from your shoulders concerning the failure.

Here are some topics I can help you with, if you want to avoid the inevitable problems everyone encounters somewhere along the way to success.

Believe me; it is good to recognize the signs of a potential disaster before it happens.
Better to be safe than sorry.

Would you like to make some difference in your life and start living your dreams instead of only daydreaming?

Do you want a job that pays you better than the average person?

Do you want to achieve something more in your life than just waiting for the opportunities to come and playing along as it goes

Remember, the universe does not owe you anything; you should create opportunities for yourself.

Do you want to start a business or a new career, but you just do not know how?

Do you want to figure out what you want with your life?

Do you want some financial safety and a better retirement?

If your answers to these questions were mostly yes, then you should not waste any more time and choose the module that suits you the most and let´s start with improving your life.

I guarantee that I can help you get back on track with your dreams, goals and passions.

Simply go to , schedule a FREE 60min Skype session and plant that tree NOW!

1. Things to do and to avoid when growing your business and solutions when or if you fail

You decided to establish a new company to follow your goals and succeed at what you want the most. Running a company can be very challenging, and mistakes are a normal part of any business story. Some of us (myself included) have tried to succeed at something but somewhere along the way took the wrong turn and started to head towards failure. I will help you to understand what went wrong and provided you with useful information about your problem.

2. Things to do and to avoid when you are failing on a personal level

You only get one chance with your life. Everything you do, you need to do it with all your heart. Put yourself all in and erase the limitations between personal and business life. When you are searching for solutions, you need to find that perfect balance in every aspect of your life. The more you grow as a person, the better are your chances to succeed at work as well.

3. How to bounce back when you hit rock bottom – either in business or personally

Your business has failed, now what? It is not the end of the world, and your life will go on! Do not give up and learn from this experience. Let me show you how by introducing some of the very efficient routines.

4. How to start a business (pre-startup and startup stage)

Starting a new business is usually a very demanding and stressful event. There are so many procedures and actions that should be taken before entering the world of business. I have already done it several times so let me assist you with this life-changing event.

5. Time management – whether it is your personal or team time management skills you need to improve.

One of the most important segments of running a successful business is an effective time management. Every responsible leader should make a smart investment and get a course on time management. Firstly, how to successfully manage his or her own time, and secondly the entire team.

6. Entrapments of Procrastination and learning how to get that monkey off your back.

Procrastination is a devil in disguise. Postponing or avoiding matters can offer you a temporary relief but this kind of actions will have a permanent bad influence on your long-term business. Learn to recognize the characteristics of procrastination and then get rid of it.

7. Working smart, not hard

Working hard is no longer the only option for success. Of course, hard work is important, but working smart can help you with your business and protect you from burning out. Be smart and have both – work and life.

8. Finding inner peace and living a happy life.

Chasing after personal happiness can be even more challenging than seeking for financial success. We all have an annoying habit of raising our goals instead of just savoring the moment and enjoying. You need to know when to stop and just be happy. No matter what you do or what you buy, you will never be happy unless you make peace with yourself.

9. Slowing down to move faster

"Hectic" is the word you can use to describe today´s world. You are rushing through the life without even noticing what you are missing until it is too late. Would you like to say: ˝I have no regrets in my life˝ If so, then you should change a thing or two.

10. Failure module

As a fail coach and a self-made "failure expert" with a lot of personal experience, I know a thing or two about it from my personal escapades. Failure can be a very devastating experience, and I would really like to help you learning from it. I will teach you how to recognize dangerous situations that might cause you a lot of sleepless nights before they even happen.

11. Successful modifications to rapid changes in the world

Humanity is evolving all the time. In the last couple of decades, the progress is evolving almost exponentially, if I may say so. Only those of you who will learn how to adjust, are going to be able to run a successful company and satisfying personal life.

12. Investing in yourself

The best investment that someone can make is investing in herself or himself. The most precious asset that a person can possess is knowledge. Nobody can take that away from you, and that is why you should make this one of your major priorities. Choose yourself and learn as much as you can.

13. Bankruptcy

Failure and bankruptcy are closely connected. Sometimes getting out of failure means declaring bankruptcy. True, it is a highly inconvenient procedure but at the same time it also takes care of debts, creditors and it enables a debtor a fresh start. Learning all about this procedure is a very smart decision.

14. How to get over depression and anxiety

We do not cope with failure very well. The psychological effect on a person who has failed is usually more permanent and serious than any other aspect of failure. Mental scars are much deeper, and that is why this module can be a real life-saver.

15. Personal growth and personal development

It does not matter how successful you are in your life. Without your personal growth, nothing will ever be good enough, and success can easily turn into greed. Human personality is a sum of different factors that create a whole person. One of the layers of your personality that must grow continuously is your personal development. Without development, there is no progress. Do not hesitate, invest in your future, and allow me to provide you with some useful information regarding personal growth and development.

16. How to pick employees and life-partners

You cannot achieve the greatness on your own. Surrounding yourself with right people can, however, make your days at work and at home much easier. Someone who wants to run a successful business and personal life should possess good people skills. You could be one of the lucky ones and just have it in you, but for the rest of us, I am offering a great coaching lesson about human relationships.

17. Motivation – finding your why

Every engine needs a certain momentum to work properly. Motivation does that to a person in business and personal life. We could easily call it ˝alfa and omega˝ factor. During my life, I have encountered a lot of different people, but they all have something in common; those who were motivated worked with a smile on their face. Lack of motivation, on the other side, can turn your everyday routine into painful misery.

Above mentioned topics can be conducted:
  • as a personal consultation – one on one coaching lessons,
  • consultations for smaller groups,
  • team building sessions,
  • as bigger events,
  • webinars and online workshops.
The content can also be easily modified for:
  • younger audience,
  • elderly individuals who want to start a business,
  • individuals who want to change their careers,
  • mature businesses,
  • for entrepreneurs and startups.

As I have already mentioned, I had dealt with a fair share of failure in my life. Allow me to take the weight of failure off your shoulders and let us start this journey to a better and happier life together. Failure is an important and inevitable part of our lives. The important thing is how we manage to continue our life after it happens. We can easily end up being depressed and scared to try something new. That is not the constructive approach.

I do not want to take away your chance of growing. I just want to talk openly about it and show you there are many, many options left event though you fail at something.

Failure does not mean the end of the road it just means you are ready to continue on a higher level. By overcoming failure and most of all LEARNING from it, you are one step closer to a happy and successful life.

Welcome to "Life after the failure".

I guarantee that I can help you get back on track with your dreams and goals and passions. Simply go to and schedule a FREE 60min Skype session and plant that tree NOW!

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